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Ask Dave

Breaking the Bad Mindset

Ryan is 23 and struggling financially. He has a low income and comes from a family background under the poverty line. Dave helps Ryan break through some mental barriers.

QUESTION: Ryan in Buffalo is 23 and struggling financially. He has a low income and comes from a family background under the poverty line. He’s also attending community college and living with his grandmother and mother. Dave helps Ryan break through some mental barriers.

ANSWER: Part of what you’re facing is just mindset. Not all of it, because you do have some legitimate things that you’re facing, but part if it is mindset. When you say things like can’t and stuck and impossible, and you’re only 23 years old, remember that the whole world is waiting out there to give you stuff and waiting on you to win. Everything is possible, and you can do it. You are not stuck, so hear that loud and clear.

I started with nothing when I was 22 years old and by the time I was 26 years old I had $4 million in real estate. I lost it all because I was stupid and I borrowed too much money, but I did that from nothing. You know what the difference was between us at that age, with me at 22 and you at 23? I grew up with my parents teaching me that anyone can do anything if you want it bad enough and go do it. Some of it is mindset and that’s what you’re facing.

That mindset has caused you to take a $9-an-hour job in the middle of the night rather than getting a lawn mower to cut grass and making $25 or $30 an hour and starting your own small business, or saving up some money and getting a pressure washer and starting to clean and seal people’s driveways or clean the mold off their decks.

Just believing you can and knowing there is something out there for you and you start looking for those things is important. I’m glad you’re in class since education is part of that. I’m glad you’re in the mix. We might look at switching you to night class and having you work all day, though. There is nothing wrong with night classes at community college. I really commend you for that.

The fact that you’re asking the question of how you do this is huge for you. That says you have huge potential as well. Most leaders are readers and they read nonfiction books all the time, so I can send you some books that I have my team members read when they join our team.

You should also look for someone to mentor you, to teach you and help you with business and your career. A good place to do that is to find a local church to attend and find a successful businessman or businesswoman there. Ask them if they’ll spend 15 minutes or 20 minutes a week with you. You listen to them and take notes and ask them questions. You use that to shift your mindset and redirect yourself.

I think you’ve got tremendous potential. I think you’ve got more potential than you think you’ve got.