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Ask Dave

Balancing Passion and Money

Tyler asks how to balance a job that pays well with a job he's passionate about.

QUESTION: Tyler on Facebook asks how to balance a job that pays well with a job he’s passionate about.

ANSWER: They ought to be the same thing, dude. It’s like, why do you think if you love something, it has to pay crappy? Why can’t it pay great and you love it? As a matter of fact, you’re really not good at stuff you hate doing. Over time, you’re not as creative. You’re not as passionate. You don’t drive to put the ball in the hoop.

When you care about what you’re doing because you’re joyful about it and happy about it and it’s a fun thing and it’s work that matters, you’re going to be better at it. That ought to mean you make more money.

You’ve just got to think about what it is you’re doing and how you’re doing it and how you’re approaching the marketplace. But to assume that if I’m doing something that’s good or if I’m doing something that’s fun and I enjoy and I’m passionate about that . . . to assume any one of those three things means you’re not allowed to make money—good money—doing it, well that’s silly. I think you ought to make more money because you’re excellent. Because you’re fired up and wired up. You’re bumping into stuff, man.

That’s exactly how I’d get at it. It may be that what you think you love, you need to find a different way to do that thing in the marketplace. And if you find that, then you’ll be okay.