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Ask Dave

Five Keys To Success

Dave's special guest Dan Miller talks about the 5 points that help to determine your success level.

QUESTION: Dave asks career coach Dan Miller what the 5 predictors of success are. He also asks about what Dan thinks of when he talks about risk.

ANSWER: We can never connect IQ or academic success to success in the real world, except through these 5 things.

  • Passion
  • Determination
  • Talent
  • Self discipline
  • Faith
Every one of these things, you can decide to do today. As far ask risk goes, we have to understand what it is. If you go to Las Vegas and put your house down on a roll of the dice, that’s risk. Risk is when you don’t have any control. However, if you take a fresh look at who you are, understand your skills and abilities and values, dreams and passions, then create a plan of action from that and follow it, you have dramatically reduced risk. That’s not risk, that’s seizing an opportunity.