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Ask Dave

Make Some More

Roy has a problem with his outgo, but an even bigger problem somewhere else.

QUESTION: Roy is in trouble. He and his wife are 28 and have a child. He was out of work due to injury for 6 months and as a result, has $40,000 in debt. He now has a claim filed against him. He doesn’t know what this is and doesn’t know what to do. They make $1,700 a month. Dave thinks he has a certain type of crisis here.

ANSWER: You have an income crisis. You’re starving to death. You can make more than you do cutting grass or lifting boxes at UPS. You need to have some long-term career goals. The fact that they are taking you to arbitration is nothing. Eventually they’ll sue you, and you will have something to worry about. Right now, you have an income crisis that you need to fix.