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Ask Dave

Ethical Dilemma

Evette has an ethical dilemma because she doesn't believe in credit cards but her employer is pressuring her to push theirs.

QUESTION: Evette works for a retail chain and doesn’t like to pitch their credit card to the public. She likes working for them, but they are putting pressure on her to sell the cards. Dave tells her how to settle this ethical dilemma.

ANSWER: The retail stores make more money on credit than on the sale of merchandise. You’ve got a dilemma that, in my mind, there are two types of integrity that are pulling at you. Do the best for your employer, and your personal integrity that tells you these are bad products. You have signed up to sell something you don’t believe in.

You wouldn’t want someone working for you that wouldn’t follow your instructions, and I wouldn’t want someone working for me who doesn’t believe in what we’re trying to do. Find another part-time job, for the sake of your own integrity. You have an integrity dilemma, and you have to decide if you can exist in this pull.