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Ask Dave

It's Who You Know

Dave talks about how landing a job is more than just a resume.

QUESTION: Nick is 23 and is almost finished with his masters degree, and about to get married. Collectively, they have $80,000 in student loans, and there are not many jobs out there. He is scared and wonders if Dave has any job searching tips.

ANSWER: Almost no jobs come from resume planting, web site searching and want ads. They come from you knowing someone who knows of a job opening. The vast majority of the people that work here knew someone who already worked here. The company may have thousands of resumes in a pile, but a connection will go a long way in the hiring process.

Knowing another employee may not land you the job, it will definitely get you in the door. “The Power of Who” by Bob Beaudine, this book addresses the idea that everyone has more professional connections than they realize. One bright guy came to the company years ago; and his “who” came from his cousin knowing Dave’s wife. The trick to landing a good position in a company, is to get your foot in the door.