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Ask Dave

The Union Is Being Stupid

You won't believe what the union at Elijah's job is talking about doing, but it makes Dave think he should look for work elsewhere.

QUESTION: Elijah has 3 jobs, but one of them is about to go on strike. Should he stop the debt snowball and get ready for the strike? Dave likes that thinking, but he wants something more for Elijah.

ANSWER: We’re in this economy and they are talking about going on STRIKE?! You need to quit this idiocy and find what you want to do in life. Stop the snowball and get ready for the strike, but in terms of the job, I’d go somewhere else, because I’m not going to participate in people who aren’t using their brain. You might also consider not going on strike if they do.

If I’m in your shoes, I’m going to stop the debt snowball, pile up cash to weather the storm of the strike and the job change, because you don’t want to work at a place where the union is this stupid. Unions can be good at times or bad at times, but this one is being stupid.