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Ask Dave

He's Cleaning Up

Zach and his wife want to clean houses to make extra money. How does Dave say to go about doing it?

QUESTION: Zach and his wife are doing Dave’s plan. His wife wants to clean houses for extra income, but they don’t know how to get started on that. It’s not that hard, according to Dave.

ANSWER: The good news is that it doesn’t take any money to start this business; it’s all word of mouth. She should decide what days she wants to work, what to charge, and try to get advice from other cleaning services. Price yourself cheaper to get some jobs, and go print up some business cards. Do anything you can to get in front of some wealthy people with big houses. If you can get one person to do it, then ask them to tell their friends and neighbors. Offer a neighborhood deal or something, or even go knocking door to door.

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