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Ask Dave

Finding The Right Motivation

Lisa has to find a new way to be motivated to do her best.

QUESTION: Lisa has done well with money. However, she was motivated from a survival point of view to make it on her own. What do you do when you don’t have to motivated by that anymore and live out God’s purpose in her life? She is 43 and has a net worth of about $1.6 million. Their income is $180,000.

ANSWER: There’s a basic thing in psychology called Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Once you get physiological and safety needs met, you find other things to motivate you. It sounds like you are a very performance-oriented person, as am I. We get our relaxation in different ways than other people do. You need to decide if being burned out is a spiritual problem, or if you’re trying to earn something from somebody that’s not there. As long as you’re not driven by some emotional illness, it’s all right to be driven. I work because I love what I do.

Find something where you are serving other people. One possibility to people who may need your service is serving your kids. It may be all right to not work outside the home. If that drives you crazy after a while, it’s all right to go back to work outside the home. It’s all right to be there for your kids. You have to tell yourself that.

Book a hotel and have a God day. Take a day off with nothing but yourself, a Bible and 6 notepads. You have to have a goal that is worthy in your mind, and right now it’s not. Working in a way to serve people is where you find the most joy.