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Ask Dave

Dave has answered thousands of money questions over the years.
Find the answer to your question here.

Personal development

Happy Fourth of July!

Listen as Dave takes a few moments before Independence Day to remind everyone that America still offers more opportunity, liberty, and freedom than any other country on earth.

Boss says get a credit card

John's new job requires him to pay for company expenses out of his own pocket. He will be reimbursed each month, but John doesn't like this way of doing business. Dave offers some advice, and gives his take on how company expenses should be handled.

Interview follow-up

Krista needs advice on how to follow-up a few weeks after a job interview for a sales manager's position. Dave thinks she should put her sales skills to work.

Establish what YOU believe

Dave comments on government interference and the toxic nature of politics today. Listen as he encourages people to start thinking for themselves.

Time to leave the day job?

Steve has two side jobs in addition to his regular job. He asks Dave how to tell when the time is right to leave your day job, and make a go of the things you really love to do.

Eyes wide open

Jen's husband is an optometrist. He has been offered the opportunity to become a full partner at the practice in which he is currently an associate. Jen asks Dave for advice on evaluating the offer, so that they can make a wise and informed decision. Listen as Dave talks about the pros and cons of partnerships and business models.

Dave for president?

Dave answers fans who think he should run for president. Listen to his humorous response, as he details the reasons it would be a bad idea.

Nothing from government is free

Dave reads a news story on the Swiss government voting down the idea of a guaranteed monthly income. In his comments, he addresses socialism, communism and Marxism, reminding everyone that there really is no such thing as "free" when it comes to government.

They'll learn

Dave addresses a recent article in The Washington Post that examines millennials' fascination with socialism. Listen as he walks through the piece, pointing out how many of these attitudes seem to change as they find jobs and get older.

Just be honest

Jeff accepted a job one month ago. Now, he's being offered another position at a different company for twice the salary. He wants to do the right thing, and Dave walks him through this uncomfortable situation.