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Ask Dave

U.S. Currency Deflation?

Steven asks what Dave thinks about the income deflation of U.S. currency.

QUESTION: Steven on Facebook asks what Dave thinks about the income deflation of U.S. currency.

ANSWER: I think woven into your question is what do I think about predictions of our economy completely collapsing? I don’t think our economy is going to completely collapse. Do we have some problems that need to be addressed? Yes, we do. Do we have politicians who are stupid and don’t want to address them? Yes, we do. Does that mean that the world is coming to an end? No, it does not. It does mean that you and I—we, the people—need to demand that they have more responsibility and do a better job in Washington. This ridiculous spending has got to be brought to an end. It’s ridiculous. The government spending on the national, state and local level is ridiculous. It’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous. It needs to be addressed. But I’m getting old, and I’ve heard the end of the world predicted most of my life. I’m pretty much sure I’m not going to get to witness that unless Jesus decides to come back today.

No, I’m not going to predict that the U.S. currency is going to collapse. You guys, don’t spend all your energy with conspiracy theories and end-of-the-world theories. Spend your energy living your life.