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Ask Dave

Take The Cruise

Jeannie says her 20th wedding anniversary is coming up and wants to do something special. Her husband is hesitant. Dave thinks a $4,000 or $5,000 cruise is fine in their scenario.

QUESTION: Jeannie in North Carolina says her 20th wedding anniversary is coming up, and she wants to do something really special. However, her husband is still worried about the economy and hesitant to do it. They’re making about $60,000 a year right now. Dave thinks a $4,000 or $5,000 cruise is fine in their scenario.

ANSWER: I think a $4,000 or $5,000 cruise is in order. Tell ol’ tightwad to loosen up. He’s done a great job. I’m making fun of him, but you guys together have done a great job. You’re so weird, I wish you were running Congress. You have $60,000 in the bank. Take $5,000 and go see Alaska.

It’s a matter of ratios. If you called me up and wanted to spend $70,000, now I’ve got to pause. That’s a lot of money out of your world. But basically $5,000 in your world is 1% of your net worth. It kind of falls under the heading of “shut up.” This is living like no one else, and then at the end of that, you don’t want to forget to live like no one else. That doesn’t mean you go crazy and spend like a nutburger and go broke because you just suddenly become impulsive. That’s not the discussion we’re having. We’re talking about a very reasonable purchase. I would put in the budget $5,000 for this trip, and you guys go do something nice.