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Ask Dave

Many already know

Josh wonders how he can convince his fellow millennials that government isn't the answer to everything. Dave explains he thinks many millennials already know this.

QUESTION: Josh asks how he can convince his fellow millennials that government isn’t the solution to their problems. Dave says he believes a lot of millennials know this already.

ANSWER: I don’t think you have to convince all millennials of that. Many millennials already understand it’s not the government’s job to take care of everyone and provide everything. But there’s a group of people in every generation that wants someone else to take care of them. They’re called babies, and they just don’t want to grow up.

I would just be kind. I’m not going to have a political discussion with a political neophyte. Just suggest that they control the variables they can control — namely themselves. You can’t control the variable of government.

The government is not going to come to your rescue. It never has.