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Ask Dave

Is Taking The Job Hypocritical?

Dennis says his wife works as a bank teller. She's gotten word there's an opening in the loan department. However, with their feelings about debt, she isn't sure about taking this position.

QUESTION: Dennis in Nashville says his wife works as a bank teller. She’s gotten word there’s an opening in the loan department. However, with their feelings about debt, she isn’t sure about taking this position. Dave tells Dennis he couldn’t do it, but he offers Dennis some ways to look at this.

ANSWER: I think the key word was the last word: misbehave. Certainly, I can’t. I couldn’t even consider it. I’ve posted my whole life on this subject, so it would be very hypocritical in my case. In your case, it’s not your public stand on everything. It’s just how you’ve chosen to live your life. I don’t borrow money, and I tell people not to borrow money and tell them to cut up their credit cards, so for me to take credit cards in our bookstore would be hypocritical beyond belief. That’s where I am.

In your case, I think the trick is this bank that is going to try to get her to make loan quotas to the point that she literally is selling loans to people who should not be borrowing. If it is a major national bank, that’s probably going to be the case. You would be enabling misbehavior then.

The truth is, she is encouraging customers to do things she wouldn’t do, but it’s not in a way that’s putting someone in jeopardy. She wouldn’t go borrow money on a car, but if someone comes in and has a good down payment with a good job and a good credit score and she makes them a car loan, I don’t think she’s an immoral person. There’s a line here in the motivation behind the bank and the spirit of how they operate.

I endorse credit unions, and I endorse small town and small community banks. I’m well aware that those banks make loans. But I don’t tell people to go there to get a loan. I’m comfortable with the quality of people who operate in those kinds of environments. That’s what you have to ascertain. In other words, if she’s working for Bank of America, it ain’t going to work out, dude. It’s going to be a problem.