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Ask Dave

Finding Life Balance

Pat asks how she balances winning in business and her career with family time.

QUESTION: Pat asks how she balances winning in business and her career with family time.

ANSWER: I get asked this question a lot. I don’t think you need to balance your life. I think that’s a myth. You won’t have a perfectly balanced life of the spiritual, financial, family, physical, etc. You don’t live a balanced life on a daily basis, but over the scope of the year you need to.

If I’m about to run a marathon, I’m out of balance because I’m spending more time training. The same is true in your first year of marriage—you need to spend lots of time with your spouse. As your kids are growing up, if you are there every time they burp, they won’t be eating much, because you won’t be working much.

When you are there with your family, be there in the conversation instead of watching TV. Take your spouse out on dates and turn your cell phone off. We waste away time and energy and then say we are out of balance. You are just out of balance with your time. If you work all the time, your body will erode and you’ll die of a heart attack.

I’m not saying stay out of balance, but when you are working on something, you need to spend more time on it. I work really hard, but I love what I do. I choose which weekends I do live events, because I can choose. I missed some dance recitals and hockey games in the early days, but now I can do what I want with my kids. There is balance over the scope of time, but stop wasting time that you have.

When you are with your family, be with them. Then when you work, nobody’s mad at you. When you are working out, no one’s mad about it. You won’t live a perfectly balanced life. You will ebb and flow.