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Ask Dave

Eyes on the Prize

Chris is keeping a bear of a work schedule and needs Dave's help for gutting it out.

QUESTION: Chris on Twitter says he is working three jobs to pay off debt. He’s getting tired and wants to know how to avoid burnout.

Dave's ANSWER: Keep your eye on the prize and keep your eyes on the traction you are getting. What I mean is this: Keep something on the refrigerator and mark through the debts as you're paying them off. Some people do those old-fashioned thermometers, like what you'd do with a fundraiser. You color it in as you go along. If you do something like that, it will keep your eye on the target and if you can see yourself making progress, that's a good kind of tired.

I used to cut grass when I was 12 years old, and in a way cutting grass was rewarding because you actually see the progress. You see the completion of the job. Even if you are tired and sweaty and hot when you are done, you can look at that and say that you worked hard and you did something.

That’s what you have to have here. You have to work hard, but be able to have it measured and have it show that you did something, and that keeps you from burning out. You can really do this.