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Ask Dave

Do You Have to Spend Money to Make Money?

Jason asks Dave if you have to spend money to make money. Jason thinks that's just something broke people say. Dave tells Jason he's right.

QUESTION: Jason asks Dave if you have to spend money to make money. Jason thinks that’s just something broke people say. Dave tells Jason he’s right.

ANSWER: It is the opinion of broke people. It’s a victim line. Little man can’t get ahead! Only the rich people get the deals! Let me just tell you. I will tell you where money goes. Money goes toward hardworking, honest people and great ideas. There are a lot of hardworking, honest people who don’t have a great idea, and you’re just going to make money as a hardworking, honest person. You put hardworking, honest, and a great idea together, and you can attract money.

Why could you not sit down as a person who knows how to code a website and sit there and be hardworking and honest and code a website and create a great idea online that somebody jumps all over and pays you $1 million for? It didn’t take any money—enough money to have a computer and have it hooked up to the iInternet. Most people in America are right there. Most people—not everybody, I understand. But this idea that, “If had $100,000, I could…”

Ideas and hardworking, honest people who will go into the marketplace, impose their will on the marketplace—that’s what I mean by hardworking and honest. “I am not going to be denied. You are not going to take my area. You’re a confused individual.” You just have this sense of warrior about you. Those are the people who win. You will always attract money.

I have started from nothing twice because I’m so stupid I had to do it over. The second time I started, I started below ground. I had to dig my way up to the sunshine. I started from nothing twice and became a millionaire twice, America, and never did I use venture capital. The second time, never did I use borrowed money. Never did I have a partner the second time. I did a lot of dumb things the first time.

Usually, when someone says that, it’s a copout. It’s a victim line. It’s a loser line. The little man can’t get ahead. You know, it takes money to make money. That’s why only the rich people make money. That’s a bunch of crap. You’ve got eBay and Groupon, YouTube, Craigslist—all of these things are accessible to you. A whole world lies before you, darling. You could do whatever you want to do. I agree with you, Jason. It’s the opinion of broke people.