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Ask Dave

Do I Really Need A Real Estate Agent For My House?

What are the reasons for using a real estate agent to sell a home?

QUESTION: A listener asks why Dave always recommends using a real estate agent to sell a house.  He hasn’t had any good experiences with agents.

ANSWER: A real estate agent is a marketing consultant.  There are a lot of good agents out there and there are a lot of crummy agents out there.  You need to find an agent with a great track record who has sold tons of houses.

Studies have shown that a high-quality real estate agent will sell your house faster, which saves you money, and he/she will sell it for more money than you could on your own.  They have so much more access to things like the multiple service listings and your house will get more exposure on the market.  You’ll also have a much higher probability of selling the house at all. 

A quality agent will end up not costing you anything.  You can’t save the 6% commission that you give to the agent by selling the house on your own.  If someone sees a “For Sale By Owner” sign in your yard, they think they can save money since you’re not paying anyone.  You both can’t save the commission and you’re much more likely to negotiate away that 6% that you would have spent on an agent.

I strongly suggest using a real estate agent.