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Ask Dave

Dave Still Gets Excited About The Little Things

A Twitter listener asks what Dave still gets excited about after all he's seen and done. Dave says it's mostly the simple things.

QUESTION: A Twitter listener asks what Dave still gets excited about after all he’s seen and done. Dave says it’s mostly the simple things like the smell of his wife’s cooking or his golden retriever greeting him at the door.

ANSWER: I’m probably like most people. What gets me excited … my gold retriever greeting me at the door when I get home, my kids doing well, being healthy, the smell of my wife’s cooking when I walk in the back door. Does that sound cheesy?

Truthfully, there are very few things that we are able to purchase or things that we’re able to do because of money that are big life changers that really move the needle. I don’t get real excited about buying something. My heart rate doesn’t even change. Family things do it. The second thing is watching the people on our team who have been with me for so many years be able to hit some of their financial goals because the company is winning. Lastly, finding situations and people who are beat up and beat down and being able to do something that causes them to raise their chin and look and believe again—return some hope into their eyes. That is just a high that is from now on. Certainly as a Christian, that has to do with leading some people to Jesus. It’s one of the most fun things I get to do.

I used to think—when I was immature and a little kid—that if I ever got to there, I’d be happy then. If I could get one of those, I’d be happy then. If we could live there, I’d be happy then. If I could buy that or wear that or my wife was able to do that, we’d be happy then. That’s just a joke. If you eat enough lobster, it tastes like soap. The point is that if you are so shallow that you think stuff will make you happy, when you get some stuff, you’ll find out that you’re shallow. That’s what I found out about me. Then I quit being so shallow. In the middle of drama, if your response is drama, then that makes you a drama queen. It doesn’t make you right. It just makes you full of drama. We sure had our share. We majored in drama. We got a degree in dramatic arts.