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Ask Dave

Are Unemployment Benefits Immoral?

Brent is struggling with whether or not to take unemployment. Should he accept the benefits?

QUESTION: Brent in Oklahoma City is being laid off this week, and he’s struggling with whether or not to take unemployment. He’s debt-free except for the house and has three months of expenses in savings and will receive a severance package. His wife works. Should he accept the benefits? Dave doesn’t see why not.

ANSWER: I don’t have a problem morally with accepting something I paid for. You’ve paid for this. I think the Social Security system is an absolute abysmal mathematical disaster. It’s proof that socialism doesn’t work, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to take my money out, because they took it from me. I don’t think that’s immoral at all.

Morally speaking or on a matter of principle, would you not accept what you’ve paid for? If unemployment benefits cause you to sit at home on your butt, then I might question your character, but I didn’t hear any of that inside your bones. I don’t see anything wrong with taking unemployment that you’ve basically paid for.