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Ask Dave

Getting Even More Behind

Sheryl's car situation went from bad to worse, and now she's being threatened. She needs to get out.

QUESTION: Sheryl owes $17,000 on a car worth $9,000. The car company restructured their payments, but they are still telling Sheryl she is late on her payments. They are threatening to repossess her car. Dave tells Sheryl why she has to get things in writing.

ANSWER: Tell them to come and get the car. Tell them you are not doing a payment by phone because you have been lied to by this company so much. This company has no integrity, and you shouldn’t do a check by phone with them because of that. They will clean you out of you do that. If you don’t have it in writing, it didn’t happen. Mail them a check and have them come get the car. But no more check-by-phone talk; that’s not an option.