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Ask Dave

Bad Decisions At Church

Lana and her husband are debt free, but their new church is not and going further into the hole. Dave understands, but reminds her to be an influence, not a thorn.

QUESTION: Lana and her husband are completely debt free, but recently they moved and joined a church that went into debt to build a sanctuary. The church just elected to spend another $200,000, and now Lana feels like her tithe will go toward that, which she doesn’t want.

ANSWER: I think I’d leave a church if there were integrity or heresy issues, or immorality in leadership that wasn’t being addressed. I attend a church that borrows money and I have some of the same emotions that you do. But it’s a disagreement, not a salvation issue. In a lot of churches, the leadership team is well-intentioned but borrows money. I don’t think it’s a good thing to cause divisiveness or be a thorn in the leadership’s flesh. To me, it’s not a deal breaker. But I do have some of the same emotions that you do. I don’t like giving money to someone to meet interest payments. I don’t support other ministries that borrow money. Have influence by being persuasive and not just a negative person to have around.