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Ask Dave

Better To Be A Giver

Pablo is still on Baby Step 2 and wants to know if he should still be tithing while he's paying off debt.

QUESTION: Pablo is on Dave’s plan. He wants to know Dave’s stance on tithing when you are on Baby Step 2. They make $115,000 a year but stopped tithing in January, and he doesn’t like it.

ANSWER: Tithing means first fruits; giving off the top before you do anything. From a Christian perspective, you have to look at a couple of things when asking about the tithe. First, it’s not about what you or I think of it, it’s what God thinks of it. What is He asking you to do? It’s not a salvation issue either. If you don’t do it, the world won’t come to an end. This is your Heavenly Father, who is crazy about you, saying this is the best way to live your life, by giving. God has us give because He’s a giver, and we’re made in His image. The goal of this is to make us more in His image each day. We’re more attuned to our spiritual DNA when we are giving. Don’t give out of a performance-based or legal-based mindset, or because God will give back to you. Your life is simply better when you give, and you should give.