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Ask Dave

Can Dave Change Washington?

Lawrence asks Dave why he doesn’t try to fix the out of control spending in Washington.

QUESTION: Lawrence addresses Dave about being a “fiscal conservative.” He thinks Dave could use his influence to bring change to a significant, spiritual issue. Dave says he is for Joe and Suzy America and how this influences the national debt problem.

ANSWER: Policy makers don’t listen to me about anything. My influence is not with them, it’s with Joe and Suzy America and helping them with their situation. The fact that we’re borrowing ourselves into oblivion in Washington is a spiritual issue and not a partisan issue. I’m of the opinion that the best way I can help is to not get ego-driven to the point that I think I can influence Washington, because I really don’t think someone like me can. I’m more of a reflection of what’s going on out here. The way I can influence Washington is to get people out of debt, and then they would not tolerate a person of either party who would vote for debt. If I can get you working on your house, then we’ve come a long way.