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Ask Dave

Dave Ramsey Urban Legends

Hear are some of the best RUMORS you might have heard about Dave Ramsey.

He did WHAT? He bought it HOW? He did THAT to get it?

Chances are, if you mention Dave’s name enough, you’re bound to run into someone who has heard one of the many famous “Dave Ramsey Urban Legends”.Some of the more popular ones are that he leased a Dodge Viper last month, and then it got repossessed. Or that he’s still working his way out of the bankruptcy he declared a couple of decades ago.

All funny, all shocking, none true. But we still wanted to know the best ones, so we asked our members to send us their favorite Dave myths. Here’s what we got:

One of my tellers at my bank insists that he's run Dave's credit card before. He used to work at a commercial truck rental place and they require a credit card in order to rent a truck - so Dave MUST have a card.

Dave has a debit card ... DEBIT. As in, it comes out of your checking account and is paid for.

I heard a rumor that Dave financed a car at a dealer in Tennessee!

Dave could pay for any car on the lot with cash. And he hates financing because it obligates you to huge car payments and tons of interest charges. Dave financing a car would be like saying Emeril should get the food for a banquet from McDonald's, because they are having a sale on cheeseburgers!

Heard Dave has a credit card.

See rumor #1.

Dave was in an overcoat, hat and sunglasses the other day buying lottery tickets.

Riiiight ... the first thing a multi-millionaire thinks about is buying lottery tickets.

Dave owns a payday loan chain, and that’s how he got his money.

... oh, I'm sorry. Were you talking to me? I wasn't listening, because that one is too stupid to pay attention to.

I had been told by a neighbor that Dave uses his Circuit City and Best Buy card all the time for same-as-cash deals.

You know what else is the same as cash? CASH! What does Dave Ramsey use? CASH! What's more, cash can get you a bargain. With cash, the deal is done. Unlike same-as-cash.