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Ask Dave

Huge Trust Fund

Candy's husband is about to receive a $1 million from a trust fund. They want to give a portion to their church, and Dave encourages them to keep it private.

QUESTION: Candy’s husband has a trust fund maturing in a couple of months worth $1 million. They are debating on how much of that to give. Should they keep anything in mind when it comes to giving, or should they just write a check to the church?

ANSWER: What to keep in mind is the size of your church budget, and if this will be a wacky addition to that. If you are in a very small church and you give them $100,000, it could cause damage. Sit down with the pastor or an administrator and say you want to keep this under wraps. Keep it private, because people get weird about money. Keep it off the radar as much as possible, and that way the glory goes to God.