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Ask Dave

Trashing Your Truck

Caroline's husband has seen too many truck commercials - he wants to drain the emergency fund on a new truck!

QUESTION: Caroline’s husband has two trucks, one of which is a work truck at his construction site. It’s about to die, and he wants to take $16,000 from their $17,000 emergency fund to buy another truck. Dave thinks this guy’s been watching too many truck commercials.

ANSWER: I’m not going to drain the emergency fund to buy a $16,000 truck and roll it up on a construction site. He’s been watching too many television commercials. In the real world, some idiot will back into his truck and damage it. He’s buying too much truck and it’s a bad business decision. Get a $5,000 truck … you can buy a wonderful truck for $5,000. You need to, because he’s going to destroy it. Trash a $5,000 truck, not the family finances.