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Ask Dave

The Emotion Of Eating

You will not believe why Valerie is working an extra job and what the budget money is going toward.

QUESTION: Valerie’s husband is emotionally attached to eating out. It’s tough to budget for that, and besides that, she gets no blow money for herself. She’s working multiple jobs and he won’t listen when she tries to address this. Can Dave give him tough love from a male point of view? Dave can indeed.

ANSWER: It sounds like you’re his mother, and the little boy wants to go out and eat. WAHHHHH! You’re freakin’ broke and don’t need to see the inside of a restaurant unless you’re working there. You’re working more than one job so he can eat fast food, and he thinks he’s “emotionally attached” to that?!

That’s PRETTY LAME!! Dude, you’ve got to put your family first. Your wife doesn’t need to work three jobs so you can eat out. She wanted a man when she got married, not a little boy.