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Ask Dave

Putting The Tithe In The Right Place

Is there a correct place for Amanda to give her money that was intended for tithe, until she finds a new church?

QUESTION: Amanda isn’t happy at her church and wants to move. Should she give her tithe to her current church or find somewhere else to give it?

ANSWER: I doubt that God is writhing His hands about it. I had to learn that the tithe is not about the technicalities. It’s more about the why. Why does God have us give? He wants us to give so we are made over into the image of His son. It’s not about brownie points or getting Him to like you more.

When I was changing churches, I just piled up money and gave it all when I joined. In my emotions, the money was already gone when I accounted for it in the budget. You can keep tithing where you are until you make the decision to leave. I tithed all the way into bankruptcy court and all the way out, but I don’t impugn guilt and shame on anyone to give or not.