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Ask Dave

Doing Nothing Into A Depression

Scott gets an attitude with Dave about his approach to a slow economy.

QUESTION: Scott wants to know what makes Dave an expert on the economy. He thinks Dave would take a Herbert Hoover approach of doing nothing while the economy goes down, perhaps even into a depression. It’s a question with an attitude, and Dave has some to match.

ANSWER: I would take that approach. And what makes me an expert on the economy is about the same thing that makes you an expert on the economy, smart aleck. The difference is that I’ve been walking around out here for about 40 years watching capitalism work. And by the way, if you do a history lesson, you’ll find that it was World War II that pulled us out of the Great Depression, not Keynes-ian economics or the New Deal, you twit!

Go look at this stuff before you decide that socialism is the way to go, because it’s not. Capitalism is the answer.