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Ask Dave

Standing Up To The Family

Lakeisha is catching tons of flak from her family because of the way she's trying to become a millionaire. What does Dave say about it?

QUESTION: Lakeisha just bought a car with cash yesterday, and is being criticized by her family (who all have car notes) and laughed at because of her viewpoints about money. She wants to be her family’s first millionaire.

ANSWER: The truth is that when you are 22 and your family is tearing you down, that’s very hard. Part of it is admitting that this hurts your feelings. It’s hard to label your family members as losers, at least financially. You have to decide in your mind if you want to be like them financially. They may be good husbands or providers, but you come from a financially dysfunctional family, so you can’t take on those traits or you’re going to be one of them.

Take a bobblehead approach. Whatever they say, just nod your head and don’t listen to them. You are going to be someone, and I’m proud of you. You are going against the current of your family, and that requires character. You don’t have to be disrespectful. When they see that you are doing stuff that works, they might change their behavior.