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Ask Dave

Man Up!

Daisy's husband doesn't work outside the home because he thinks he can't make enough to cover day care. Hear what Dave says about it.

QUESTION: Daisy’s husband won’t go to work because he doesn’t think he can make enough money to pay for daycare costs. He stays home with their 3-year-old child while she brings home $2,800 a month. When is it best to stay home to avoid daycare costs? Dave has some strong words for this husband.

ANSWER: I’m old school, a crusty dinosaur. I’m not upset with choosing to be a stay-at-home dad, but I don’t get this. I grew up in a generation where that was called a wuss. Go get a job and take care of your family. I’ve got friends where the wife is a high income earner, and the dad stays at home. I don’t disrespect that at all. But I would totally implode.

I think your husband’s a wuss because he’s staying at home while his family can’t eat. How can you look in the mirror and call yourself a man? Man up! He needs to get up off his butt and go take care of his family.