This Is Blackmail

Jen is moving to Michigan and selling a house in Ohio. She went into contract on the house. The buyers asked Jen to lower the price by another $8,000 in lieu of repairs. Dave says no way.

QUESTION: Jen is in the process of moving to Michigan and selling a house in Ohio. They went into contract on the house on July 17. Jen got the inspection today, two days late. But the buyers asked Jen to lower the purchase price by another $8,000 in lieu of repairs. The repairs weren’t listed. Dave says no way.

ANSWER: I’m not going to do it if I’m you. This is what’s known as blackmail, and I’m not going to play. Your home is not in that bad of shape. This is someone who got cold feet, and your real estate agent needs to take their agent in a corner and beat the snot out of them—metaphorically speaking. That’s your agent’s job—to take theirs and just ream them out. If I’m the other real estate agent in this, I’m going to take this woman or man and just rip their heads off for even allowing this to go down.

This is a lack of integrity. You did a deal. We have a deal if the house passes inspection. The house passed inspection with the exception of three things that we’re willing to do. Vague innuendo you want to renegotiate because you got cold feet or got greedy is not an option here. You want this house? This is what you’re paying for it, and we’ll fix those three things. You will close on time, and you will not be late again.

Or go get another buyer. There is some stress there, but I’m just not going to be treated that way. Just rent and keep your expenses down. To me, that would make me so angry there’s no chance I’m doing this deal. As a matter of fact, I might pull the plug on the whole thing. I’m about to take your real estate agent and box their ears for not having a bigger spine than he or she should have.

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