What's in the Basement?

Mindy and her husband's house is falling apart. There's a severe water problem in the basement, and they're behind on their mortgage.

QUESTION: Mindy and her husband got behind on everything, including their mortgage, and they just had a baby. They just bought their home in December, and it’s falling apart. With the health threat that it poses, what do they do when they get caught up on the house?

ANSWER: You need to find out what the deal is with the water. It doesn’t cost a lot to dig ditches and get water out of the house if it’s runoff. If it’s that, do some landscaping and reshape the land so the water doesn’t hit against the front of the house. If you can fix this with $2,000 and a lot of blisters from shovel work, that’s a lot better than spending $25,000. If that doesn’t work, you’ve got a real problem and I’m not sure how to fix it.