How Do I Get Top Dollar For My House?

What do you need to know when selling your first home?

QUESTION: Lisa asks how to get top-dollar for her house.  How can she make her house look the best it possibly can?


1.    Get a good real estate agent involved in the sale of your house who will be honest about what you need to do to get the house market-ready.
2.    Stand in the street, look at your house, and figure out what to do to give it curb appeal.  First impressions are a significant part of selling your house.  Cutting back some hedges and painting the front door will work wonders.
3.    Park the car in the driveway and walk up the sidewalk onto the porch, looking at the things a potential buyer would look at.
4.    Take ¾ of the stuff off the kitchen counter and out of your closets.  It will look like you have more space.
5.    You should bake a loaf of bread or light a candle that smells like bread when someone comes to walk through the house. 
6.    Put the pet in the kennel when you show the house.  You will lose $10,000 on the value of your house if a potential buyer can tell you have a cat.