Mobile Home Going Down

Trish is willing to sell her mobile home for whatever she can get. But she NEEDS to sell it.

QUESTION: Trish moved out of a mobile home 4 years ago. They are trying to sell it home now and the payoff is $29,000. They have $10,000 in savings and are asking $22,000 for the home. They are willing to take whatever price they can get for it. What should they do?

ANSWER: Have it appraised, then put it on the market for considerably less than that. If I had to borrow money to get it sold, I would. This thing is going down in value every day. If you could only sell it for $15,000, sell it. You don’t want to own something that’s going down in value. The problem with mobile homes is they go down in value so fast that it’s tough to get out of them.