What a Baby!

Stacy's husband bought a new truck without talking to her. Dave almost blows his top with this call.

QUESTION: Stacy in Alabama and her husband have paid off $46,000 in debt and sold a home as well. They have $50,000 left, but last week he bought a new truck without talking to her. He thinks he deserves it, and his mother told her that sometimes you just have to let the guys win. Dave almost blows his top with this call.

ANSWER: You won't be able to get out of debt faster than he gets in debt, so you two desperately need marriage counseling. He's having to be a man...poor little boy! WAAAHHH!! This is absolutely moronic. Aren't you tired of being his mother?

Your husband is desperately immature and unbelievably selfish. I don't know how to fix that in one call. You need to say out loud in front of a marriage counselor how this makes you feel. You feel angry and you want to be married to a man who will carry his share of the weight. Get with a counselor and start unpacking this. Your husband is thick. I think the problem is that his mother babied him and his dad, and he modeled his behavior after a father who was babied.

This guy has to grow up. This is unconscionable. Don't sweep this under the rug or say he works hard and deserves this. I have no use for this kind of whining. If you don't give voice to this, you'll blow up in 10 years and leave him and he won't know what happened. You'll have resentment. I've watched this happen a thousand times over the years.