In-Law Money Mess

A sweet deal by Melissa's in-laws has quickly turned sour.

QUESTION: Melissa was approached by her in-laws with an offer a few years ago: Pick any house they want, buy it, and sell their old house. The in-laws would pay for the difference. The in-laws are now refusing to put the house in Melissa’s name. Dave’s temper flares when he realizes what this means.

ANSWER: They stole your money. It’s about time someone stood up to them. Your husband needs to stand up and take charge here. That’s what’s going to solve this.

You didn’t protect yourself at all. Technically, all you can do is sue and hope some judge doesn’t cost you $90,000 because you were dumb. There’s a really good chance that you’ve lost $100,000.

I would get the property deeded to me, and I would hand them the keys and start my life over. They’re not going to see any grandkids ever again. If your husband doesn’t back you on that, you need a marriage counselor. He’s standing up for his family who are thieves.

It’s not your father-in-law’s job to protect you. He is a confused control freak, and I have no use for those kinds of people. Your husband needs to read Dr. Henry Cloud’s book, Boundaries, because he doesn’t have any.

If you want to screw up a money deal, do a money deal with family on a handshake. That will screw it up. This sort of thing happens when a spouse knows in their heart something is wrong and doesn’t speak up. You have to love your own self and your own family unit enough to be a truth teller and say, “Uh, this doesn’t feel right.”