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Ask Dave

Dave has answered thousands of money questions over the years.
Find the answer to your question here.

Leaving a legacy

Making Sure It's a God Thing

Melissa's church is starting a capital campaign and asking for pledges. Melissa wants to pay off her house early, so she and her husband are feeling guilty for not giving more to the church.

Dinar Detonation

Jason says he inherited money from his family, but the money was invested in the Iraqi dinar. Dave blows his lid as he explains to Jason why money invested this way might as well be dead in the desert.

Dysfunctional and Secretive

Patricia has a secretive family when it comes to money. She thinks her father may leave money to her sons. If they receive an inheritance, how would Patricia find out about it?

A Generation of Freedom

Sean tells Dave about how much Dave's common-sense approach to money has changed his life.

Dave's Way Makes a Difference

Dan is calling to congratulate Dave on 20 years on the radio. He was 21 years old when he discovered Dave's plan, and 15 years later, his life is completely changed.

How Do I Gift My House?

Rich's mother passed away recently, and he's in the process of selling her house. His daughter plans to purchase the house. What's the best way to make the sale when it comes to tax implications?

Setting Up a Charity

Dan is setting up a 501(c)(3). He wants to do it with as little money as possible since there isn't any money coming in yet. How does he go about setting the organization up?