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Ask Dave

Dave has answered thousands of money questions over the years.
Find the answer to your question here.

Leaving a legacy

Inherited IRA As College Savings?

Jennifer's mother-in-law passed away. She left Jennifer and her husband some of her retirement money, and they want to use it for a college fund for their kids. Dave tells her how to go about making that happen.

Giving Beyond Tithing

Carrie and her husband tithe, but they're on Baby Step 2 and expecting a child in a few months. What do they do about giving beyond tithing?

Dealing With the House

Jason's grandmother died two years ago and left a house. The house is worth about $95,000 and had an interest-only mortgage on it. The bank hasn't foreclosed. What would Dave do?

Mom Didn't Leave a Will

Derek lost his mother yesterday. He and his sister are in charge of the estate, and he has no idea where to start. She did not have a will. Dave suggests contacting an attorney to help probate the estate.

Help! How Do I Settle Mom's Estate?

Daniel doesn't know what to do with his mom's car and the debt associated with it. Her retirement account is being divided between grandchildren. If the car is sold, it'll break even. Dave has a warning.

Is It in the Will?

Dan's father is terminally ill. Everything will be left to the three kids, but he wants the home left to his longtime girlfriend. It's not in the will that way. Should they change the will?

Her Blessing Was To Be a Blessing

David needs a pep talk. His mother died years ago and left him an inheritance. He could be debt-free in 10 minutes, but he feels like if he sells off the stock, he will lose a piece of her.