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Ask Dave

Tithing On a Business?

Beth asks if a business should tithe. Dave doesn't think so.

QUESTION: Beth on Twitter asks if a business should tithe. Dave doesn’t think so.

ANSWER: The Bible does not address companies tithing. It addresses individuals. I do not tithe out of my business. As an evangelical Christian, I do not give a tenth of my business gross or net until the money comes home. When the money comes home, meaning it’s profit that I’m going to pay taxes on or it’s salaried income out of my business—either one—I tithe on the profits. That’s kind of like tithing on business. But I’m tithing on my business income as a part of my income. As an evangelical Christian, that’s what I do.

I wouldn’t give a tenth out of your business in terms of is there a biblical instruction to do that? No, there is not. The question then is, is giving ever a bad idea? No, giving is never a bad idea unless you took it to the point that you’re irresponsible and you put your business or your family in jeopardy by doing that.

Can you tithe on your business? Sure. There’s not a prohibition to it. But there’s not a biblical mandate to do it.