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Ask Dave

Modern form of begging?

Natalie asks Dave his opinion of using GoFundMe for college tuition and everyday bills. Dave tells her there's a better way.

QUESTION: Natalie asks Dave what he thinks about using GoFundMe accounts to raise money for college tuition or other bills.

ANSWER: Well, it’s kind of like a modern form of begging, isn’t it? If you’re trying to raise money for tuition, you could get a job. What you’re talking about is panhandling on the internet.

Now, if you’ve got a charity in mind — if there’s a little boy with an illness and we’re trying to help with medical bills — that’s one thing. But if you need money for tuition or your own bills? My wife and I know very specific details about all our charitable giving because we see it as money we’re investing for God. We serve him, and it’s His money.

I can tell you I wouldn’t give you any money for your tuition on GoFundMe. Maybe that’s harsh, but like I said: To me, it’s just digital panhandling.