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Ask Dave

Giving From Grandfather's Wealth

Kate isn't sure how to handle the money that her recently deceased grandfather left her.

QUESTION: Kate in New York says her grandfather died a month ago. She learned he distributed his money unevenly between his children and grandchildren. She received significantly more than her siblings or cousin. She would like to give them some of her money to make it even. How does Dave say to approach this?

Dave's ANSWER: It was his money, so don't worry about it. You make $140,000 a year, so if you want to give it away, that's fine. If you want to say that you made your decision to redistribute the inheritance rashly and have reconsidered, that's fine too. Either one is fine, but don't be taken down by the toxicity of your dead grandfather. He's the one who messed this up, you didn't.

Make a decision one way or the other and go with it. It's not going to change your life either way. I wouldn't bind you to that decision if you made it impulsively during grief.