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Ask Dave

Don't tithe with credit cards

Melissa wants to know Dave's opinion on churches encouraging people to do e-giving with credit cards or debit cards. Dave isn't a fan of churches asking members to use a debt vehicle to pay their tithes.

QUESTION: Melissa contacted Dave via Twitter to ask his opinion of churches encouraging members to do e-giving with credit or debit cards. Dave talks a little about this scenario, and he encourages people to use debit cards instead of credit cards.

ANSWER: Well, I don’t believe in credit cards. So I’m not fond of churches telling people to use a debt vehicle to pay their tithes. Very few people distinguish between a debit card and a credit card when taking them.

I think e-giving is fine, but if I were the pastor—and we had an e-giving process—I would encourage people to use debit cards and not credit cards, that’s all. There’s nothing wrong with e-giving, like an ACH kind of thing or a draft. A lot of people do that and like the ability to give online.

I just don’t want to have a giving situation to your church turn into debt to you. And it surely can when it’s a credit card. That’s the bad part. The rest of it’s fine.