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Ask Dave

What Kind Of Will Should I Get?

Barbara needs a ballpark figure for how much it will cost her to get a lawyer to draw up her last will and testament.

QUESTION: Barbara wants to know the fair price for a lawyer to write up a last will and testament for her. She has 3 heirs and an estate worth $1 million. Dave gives her some ballpark numbers, and recommendations for what kind of will to get.

ANSWER: It shouldn’t cost you over $1,000, and probably more like $500. Get a mirror-image will, where your will looks exactly like that of your husband’s, and vice versa; except the names are reversed. Your estate is getting to the point in size where you want an attorney to sit down and do this.

Don’t go to someone who will offer to put together your estate plan for $3,000 … that’s just ludicrous unless your estate is worth $20 million or something like that.