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Ask Dave

Love Drawer

Dave gives the list of what he puts in his "I love you" drawer, which is the records his loved one will need in the event of his death.

QUESTION: Dawn wants to know what should be in the “I love you” drawer. It’s the drawer that your loved ones go to if something happens to you.

ANSWER: In my love drawer, it has my financial life, organized and spelled out in clear detail. It has my wills, everything about my estate plan, instructions for a funeral, all my mutual fund statements (along with a summary statement of them), all my insurance statements of every kind, access to the safe deposit box, which also has a copy of the will ... everything.

It’s your financial life is organized and right there, so someone can thumb through them and have a good financial picture of what to work with in a matter of minutes, or just an hour after they open it. It’s one way I say “I love you” to my wife.