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Ask Dave

Keeping The Money From The Scumbag

One listener doesn't like the moves her brother-in-law is making toward her nephew and his insurance money.

QUESTION: Listener asks how he can protect the insurance money for his nephew. His mother died and left the policy to her child, but she had no will. The boy’s father is making some moves, and they appear to be money motivated. How can he keep the money safe from the dad? Dave explains that it’s a matter of trust.

ANSWER: Go before the court and ask the judge to force your nephew’s money to be put into a trust for his good because you think that his father is a scam artist. Otherwise his father, as his guardian in most states, will be in control of his money.

Quickly hire a lawyer and go before the probate court and ask for this money to be put into a trust and managed by some third party. I’m not big on bank trust departments, but I am big on scumballs not coming after money through their kids.