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Ask Dave

Dave has answered thousands of money questions over the years.
Find the answer to your question here.

Leaving a legacy

Modern form of begging?

Natalie asks Dave his opinion of using GoFundMe for college tuition and everyday bills. Dave tells her there's a better way.

Competency and integrity

Joyce says she has been told you shouldn't allow a family member to act as executor of your will. Dave doesn't necessarily agree with this opinion. He says as long as the family member has integrity and is competent, it's perfectly fine to ask them to serve in this capacity.

Leaving Something for Her

Lynn's 90-year-old father wants to leave something for her one-year-old daughter for college. He'd like to do it now in case he passes and it isn't done. Dave gives Lynn some options.

100% Mortality Rate

Cam asks if it's unreasonable to ask her 76-year-old husband to make a will. His rationale of why he doesn't want to do it gets Dave laughing out loud.

What Should I Do With an Inherited Timeshare?

Joe says his mom passed away and left behind timeshares. Joe inherited those, and they are all paid for. He isn't sure what to do with them now as the executor of the estate. Dave explains how to handle it.

Avoid Revocable Trusts

Ann wants to know when to create a revocable trust, especially if you own real estate. Dave doesn't believe Ann needs one even though it does provide some liability protection.

Find a Reputable Dealer

Lisa discovered an art and coin collection her father owned. She isn't sure what to do with this collection. Does Dave have any ideas?

Sharing Successes

Amanda and her husband are only 28 years old and have no debt whatsoever. They don't share this information due to being treated differently by others. How should they handle this situation?