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Ask Dave

Diversify Thrift Savings Plan?

Jim wants to know if he should diversify the 200K he has in his government thrift savings plan, or just diversify from now on.

QUESTION: Jim is a government employee.  He has 100% of his thrift saving plan in the C fund.  He has $200,000 in the thrift savings plan now.  Should he leave it all in the C fund and diversify from now on?  Or should he diversify the $200,000 that’s already there among the C, S, and I funds?

ANSWER: The S is a small-cap index fund based on the Russell index.  “Cap” means capitalization, which means money and “small-cap” means small company.  This would be a start-up company or one that’s just gone public.  A lot of the healthcare and technology companies are in that category.  Those companies are seldom stable.  That’s why the S category has a better average rate of return than the C does with much more risk.

The I fund is the international index, based on a Euro-Pacific index.  Index means a spread of companies in the Euro-Pacific part of the world.  It has the poorest track record of the C, S, and I funds. 

The C fund is a common stock fund like an SNP500 with companies like McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and Home Depot. 

You should not do anything with the $200,000 that you already have invested.  From now on, you should put 40% in the C fund, 40% in the S fund, and 20% in the I fund.  You’re taking a little more risk with the small-cap businesses and you’re risking as well with the international funds, but you’re also putting a very good amount into the most stable companies in America.