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Ask Dave

Is The Man Taking Over?

Jess is paranoid about what the talk is with the government and her 401k plan.

QUESTION: Jess hears the talk about the government taking over 401k plans, especially now that the Democrats are in power. Is it just political hype, or should she be worried? Dave tells her why she shouldn’t be worried at all.

ANSWER: It’s total hype created by the extreme far right who believe every conspiracy theory ever created against a Democrat. It’s totally a lie. Let me tell you where it came from.

There is a law professor from a socialism school in New York State. She testified before a Congressional committee, and she has very communistic ideas that the government ought to take over the 401k plan and run them for us poor, ignorant people out here, because the government is so much smarter than we are.

A lot of the right-wing bloggers and newspapers picked it up and reported it like it was a Democratic initiative. It was not; it was one communistic college professor who said something before Congress. Messing with 401k savings would be political suicide.